Hey guys i was supposed to start my period on 17th of april i had unprotected sex on 16th and 17th. I had my pms symptoms before sex so i didnt rush or think of taking plan b. But i didnt get my period on 17th so on 18th i took plan b thinking that its possible that my ovulation actually happened late this month and also that maybe was happening in the time of unprotected sex which would explain my pms symptoms.
So next day after i took a pill i notice little spotting and had little bit of cramps and also felt tired. Do you guys think that pill will work well after ~60 hours and can it mess up my cycles?
Im confused cos i dont know if i took it right before my period or my period was planing to come late anyway? According to period tracker app i was 1 day late when i took it .
Normally im regular but every once in a year ma cycles changes for 15 days later.