So I had sex with my boyfriend on July 9. Well we had a little accident, the condom broke. He said he didn't really came inside me but just to make sure I bought the plan b pill about 30 minutes to an hour after the accident. On July 14 I started feeling cramping like if I was on my period or I was about to get it. And I had headaches and dizziness and I felt lazy I didn't feel like doing nothing I had back pain. i was hoping on getting my period like 4 days after taking the pill but i didnt . Well all the cramping and back pain and dizzines and nausea lasted for about 3 days by the third day July 17 the headaches were gone but I had a little cramping once in a while. I am suppose to get my period on the 18 or 20 of this month July . I want to know if the pill actually worked even though I took it too soon? Will my period come later than a week? I need answers please help.