My boyfriend and I were having bad luck with condoms when they all kept breaking, and I had to buy plan B 3 times in a span of 9 days. We had sex on Mon Oct 13 and the condom broke and we realized it before we got too far into it, so we got a new one and then that condom broke even though we kept making sure it was intact. He came in me and I Got plan B for the third time. We switched condom types and On Thursday October 16 we had sex again and the condom broke again, luckily before he came in me, but then after getting a new condom and gettin back into it, the condom didn't break at all till when he came in me and realized the condom did end up breaking once again. I was wondering if I still need to take Plan B because I took it so much in the past week and if I would be safe without taking it or should I take it again just to be safe and make sure I won't get pregnant? I realize that I need to get on birth control and that we should get a better condom brand