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I took a Plan B and about 3 days later I got the Depo shot . Can that be harmful ?

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LousArk 7 Oct 2016

It's not the best idea you've ever had. Firstly, the hormones in Plan B alone, can give you all sorts of unpleasant hormonal symptoms for a few weeks. To then force yet another artificial chemical into your body, & any side effects that come with that, is a lot to put your body/self through.
Secondly,you needed to wait & see if you were pregnant, before getting the Shot.
If you test as positive, when the time comes that you can test, then you need to get straight to a doctor, as there is mixed medical opinion as to the harm Depo Provera can do to a pregnancy/baby.
I'm surprised at the doctor for giving you the shot, if they knew you'd had to take Plan B just a few days before. Plan B is less reliable than regular birth control, so it should never be assumed that it has worked for you.
At best, you can expect a lot of pregnancy or period type symptoms, for weeks, to months. free discount card

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