I had a drunken one night stand on dec 9th. We had sex on the early morning of dec 10th (around 3:45 in the morning).. we started with a condom but i unknowingly didn’t realize that the condom fell off and he decided not to put another one on. I asked him about it late on Sunday evening and he told me that we started with protection but didn’t finish with protection but he pulled out. I was horrified as I am not on birth control. On Monday morning at around 9:30 I took plan b. So it was approximately 29 hours after intercource. I am suppose to start my period on Sunday which is December 17th. Last week though December 7-9th my boobs were getting tender which is always a sign of my period coming. And this week I have had a really bad lower back which is always another sign for me and cramping in my belly as well. My discharge is a clear/milky white color with no elasticity at all. I’m also not getting much discharge as well but it feels like I’m starting my period but no blood. I have googled and some stories are just not enjoyable to read and it really makes you worry. If my period tracker app is correct I missed my fertility window as I was the most fertile the last week of November going into the first week of December. Also this was my first time in 11 months having sex. I am writing here I. Hopes to help ease my mind. I hope I’m overreacting and I’ll get my period on Sunday but I’m still a very nervous person about this and I’m really praying that Plan B will work for me. What do you think??