I'm 20, and my boyfriend and I were getting intimate. We were having anal sex and he came in/on my bum because that is what he likes to do sometimes. Then after, I stood up and we kissed for a little, then laid back down and he fingered me. We were worried afterwards however because we weren't sure if some of his ejaculation may have run down while I was standing and if he may have forced some up into my vagina while fingering me. I am not a virgin, so I got worried if I could get pregnant by this. I checked my underwear after everything was over and there didn't seem to be any ejaculation residue in the area around my vagina, just where the thong strap layed over my bum. Regardless, I was/am still worried. This happened November 10th, I took Plan B One Step (emergency contraceptive) on the 12th, and got my regular period on the 22nd. I took a pregnancy test maybe 2 weeks later, and it was negative. I took another test another week or so later, the results were also negative. I got my regular period again December 20th. However, even with my periods and negative results I am still paranoid. I feel bloated and I feel as if I look a little bigger in my lower abdomen. I may just be paying extra attention because of being worried so much, but again I am still not sure. It also feels a little hard underneath when I push on it, but that may also be my imagination. Also, my discharge may be a little more frequent and thicker, being a creamy white mucus discharge. I understand that I may just be overthinking everything because of being so worried, but I figure it is better to be safe than sorry. I could just be paranoid, but would appreciate some feedback! Do you think I may be pregnant or is there really no chance of me being pregnant?