I took plan b on Dec 3 and Dec 9 (I'm not sure if he finished inside me either of those nights so i took the pill just incase. I dont need people telling me that the dosage is too much or that I should be more careful and make better decisions because I am aware of both. That isnt what I am here looking for.) So I took the pill and had a somewhat regular period 4 days after expected (dec 15- dec 20) My january period was 2 days long with some brown discharge for a couple days after the blood stopped. I have taken pregnancy tests often to make sure that I'm not pregnant, and they all say negative. My boobs are sore though and this never happens unless I am getting close to my period which I am not. I read that it is a pregnancy symptom though which is why I'm worried. I have no other symptoms though. What are yalls thoughts?