hi so I have a 28 day contraceptive pill pack and they're all white and pink. I have 21 pink pills and 7 white placebo pills. Yesterday (Sunday) I accidentally took the placebo pill instead of taking the White pill on Sunday. The design of the pack is that they're all pink pills but in the top corner is an L shape where the packet has green packaging which is usually when you start them on your period or 7 pills from Saturday to the next Friday but are those pills any different to the other pink pills that have the pink packaging covering them? Today's Monday and I took both the pink packaging Sunday's and Monday's pill. How can I fix this problem and would it have caused any problems to protecting me from getting pregnant. I didn't have unprotected sex at all on Sunday but I did on Saturday and Friday. And on Friday I took the pill at 9pm because I had been busy. I usually take it at 2:40pm so would that have brought higher risk of pregnancy?