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Pl let me know the daily requirement of vitamins & minerals and side effects of over dose?

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Mirrorpoet 14 Mar 2010

There are way too many vitamins for this question to be answered fully here. But I will say that you should probably not take more than the FDA recommended amount of anything until you ask your doctor or do some research yourself. There are books on the subject in the local library. I mean it would take a book to answer this!

Generally water soluble vitamins are safe in higher doses because your body won't store them in fat cells. Some of them are all Bs and vit C are water soluble. There may be an upper limit for these with side effects possible but rare and limited to less dangerous since they tend to get flushed out when you urinate and don't build up too much in your system. Other vitamins like vit A, E and minerals do build up to some degree and definitely do compared to water soluble kinds. They get stored mostly in fat cells.

I am no expert and have probably forgotten much of what I learned in school by now. Hope this helps somewhat?

Rivan 15 Mar 2010

Thanx for your responce. It will be useful if you can send me the link to check FDA recomandations. I could not find it on the site of USFDA.

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