I have been on the nuvaring for around 7 months now, I did have one mishap where I ran out and was out for two weeks. But I waited over a week after putting a new one in to have sex with a condom and that was a month or two ago. A week ago I had sex with a condom and everything was normal, but 5 days later I started spotting really light almost pink blood. I read that it could be implantation bleeding but I don’t understand because I was on birth control and used a condom. The bleeding started a day before I was supposed to take the NuvaRing out, and now that I’ve taken it out it is still the same light bleeding. I also have anemia due to a vitamin B12 deficiency which I suppose could affect the amount I need, but I just recently started taking a new B12 vitamin. I am still very concerned and not sure of how likely it is that I could be bleeding from implantation.