anyone else have this allergy? I saw an opthamologist and he thinks this ick is NOT Pink Eye, but an allergic reaction. It started to get better, but now it's back with a screaming vengeance! My peepers feel afire, and they are a lovely red shade that would be perfect for lipstick but not for eyes! I must admit, I look quite daemonic and I'm frightening small children, HELP!

I know of two other members that have had pink eye lately, one member is a night owl, and won't be reading this until the cows come home. : )

I've googled the various names used for silk protein in cosmetics, but cannot find any silk protein in my stuff, including hair products. I tossed ALL of my eye makeup products and lotions, and have spent a small fortune to replace them all, not doing that again!

I tried a new perfume yesterday, could that be the culprit, even tho I don't exactly spritz it in my occular orbs? This is so painful that I now have a renewed respect for people that have allergies.

My husband is off to the 24 hour pharmacy to pick up a bottle of drops that the opthamologist called in, it is $80.00 American Dollars for this stuff! I'm thinking that the pharmacist should come with it, he can vacuum, for an $80.00 co-pay.

I've concocted a weak tea for my eyes, per a dear member's suggestion, it does relieve the pain and burning, but only whilst I've a washcloth on my eyes dampened with weak tea. Thanks Erica!

If anyone can think of any product that I'm missing, or any allergen that might do this, I'd LOVE to hear your opinions!!

ANY suggestions/ideas/advice/laughter would be really appreciated,