... several health issues (too many too mention). About 4 months ago a tv feel on the back of my neck & left shoulderblade. I was in severe pain & was having trouble turning my neck & also using my left arm & leg, so I went to the ER, they did X-Rays & gave me an injection of dilaudid for the pain! told me that there wad no break of dislocation of the shoulder blade or neck. Then I was sent home with a prescription of vicodin 500mg (3 days supply) for pain. To make a long story short, I went back to the ER 2-3 days later gave me an injection of valium (to relax my neck muscles). Went to my PCP the following Monday he told me I need to see a specialist, I do not have health insurance or any income. In Jan. 2013 I filed for SSI/Disability, I know it can take years for a decision to be made... I know I need a specialist, but I can't afford one!!