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I have pimple problem and some marks if it left on face... how can I remove it from my face..?

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Stephen Treloar 23 Jul 2014

A: It is not the sort of thing you can just remove i'm afraid. If they are just regular pimples most of those little pits or oversize pores will mostly come back to normal in time. Don't squeeze them if you can which will help by not creating open wounds on your face. I would suggest that you get the regular facial skin cleansers and whatnot and embark on a regular daily facial cleansing routine.

Talk to your local pharmacist who will be happy to recommend, supply you with product and some friendly advice. It may seem intimidating or embarrassing to you but these people have heard and seen it all and will politely help you. Some of those pimple washes they have these days are amazingly effective.

B: Now, if it is acne then it is a different story. The problem is that acne causes that pitted scarring that will soften with age but be ever present. See your Doctor as it is active and he should provide you a prescription for antibiotics that will treat the active acne.

There are a couple of treatments I have heard of to treat acne scarring and of course results would depend on what they started with. Neither of these options are viable while the acne is active.
See a dermatologist (skin specialist) who will be up to speed on what can be done in that particular case.

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