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I have pills tha are 30mg oxy imorint240 0.5watson when I look up it says lorasapam is this right?

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kaismama 14 Jan 2015

That is what they are lorazepam. At least that's what that imprint is.

DrDavidB 14 Jan 2015

Who told you that these pills are Oxycontin? They are the generic form of Ativan (Lorazepam). They are anxiety medications. Were you prescribed Oxycontin, and got the wrong pills from your Pharmacy?
This would be highly unusual. When looking at the prescription bottle, what does it say? Does it say Lorazepam? Does it say Oxycontin?
If the RX bottle says Oxycontin, but the pills are Lorazepam, you should take them back to the Pharmacy ASAP.
It is unusual for a Pharmacy to make such a mistake. They are completely different kinds of medications for different kinds of problems.
How many prescriptions did you get from your DR? It's possible that he prescribed both medications, and you unknowingly filled Lorazepam, thinking it was Oxy.
30mg of Oxy are larger pills than Lorazepam, generally speaking, depending on the manufacturer.
Again, you did not tell us what the bottle says. It might not be a bad idea to call your Dr, to find out what he prescribed you.
Write us back to tell us what the bottle says, and if you got two prescriptions.

balbanese 15 Jan 2015

There pills, if they are prescribed for you by a Dr and came from a pharmacy should have a description on the bottle.

TraceyAnnWilliams 16 Jan 2015

No. That is not right. Your label will always say the medication name. Most pharmacies lables also include the brand and/or generic name. Always check your medicines before leaving the pharmacy. Anything new to you the pharmacist should always ask to speak to you privately to make sure you understand the dosing and answer any questions you have. free discount card

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