These are the pills that I have that I can't seem to identify.

1) First one is made by Pharmascience in Canada. It is bright orange, round, scored on one side, marked PMS on the upper scored portion and 10 on the lower half. The other side is blank, no score or markings.
2) Second one is also a Pharmascience pill. It's round, paler orange, and it has their logo on one side, a P with a circle behind it. The other side is scored and has an L on the upper portion and a 5 on the lower portion.
3) Third one is an oblong "capsule" shaped pill, bright orange color, imprinted on one side is N 500, the N and 5 are more prominent and the two 0's are engraved lighter. There is a score going through the imprint, above and below the 5. The back is plain, no markings.
4) Fourth one is a blue oval pill, about a cm long, and is only imprinted with a 30 on one side and nothing on the other side.

I've tried to find these pills online with no luck. They're all from Canada and I think most pill identifier databases only show US made pills maybe?
Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! :-)