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Pill is bright red , circular and very strong with no imprint... can any one tell me what it is?

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Inactive 15 Jan 2011

I am truly sorry but pills with no imprints are very hard, almost impossible to ID online.

Perhaps if you take it to your local pharnacy they may be able to help you ID it.

Have a good weekend.

christineATU 15 Jan 2011

Maso, you know I don't usually respond to Pill ID's, that's your department! But would you ever take a pill you didn't know what it was? And to say it was "strong." I'm sorry but this was a disturbing question...

Inactive 15 Jan 2011

Hello Chris I do not understand, I only answer any Q when I am 100% certain of my answer otherwise I never answer unless is 100%.

Take care,

Inactive 15 Jan 2011

Know I get!!!

christineATU 16 Jan 2011

I think I didn't say that right. You always answer 100% correctly. I thought the question was odd. No offense intended at all. :-) free discount card

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