I need guidance in what steps to take for this pill addiction my boyfriend has we have been together for 2 yrs now and We have a son who is 3 months old and i have a 5yr old... ever since we have been together he has had this issue in his life with pills never lies to me that im aware of he says where he is goin and what he is buyin doesnt hide it in the house but I HATE THIS ADDICTION!!! I love him and cant take it draining our bank account basically, I get no help with bills hardly and feel as if Im doin this all on my own... He says that he is taking the meds for his back but doesnt save his money to see a doctor or get xrays or anything when we first got involved that is what he told me he needed to save his money so he can go to a doctor but two years later nothing!!! I have never had to deal with an addiction in my life and hate that the person I love more than anything has this problem... Percocets and Loracets Roxies (sometimes) are his choice of pills sometime methadone and suboxene... I think i spelled all these correctly! Please give me ur advice and be honest that is what I need Thanks!