They also feel numb, at first i thought it was neuropathy because was diagnosed with diabetes a couple years ago and my toes felt numb but now i think its something else during the past couple years i contracted somthing called paronychia Which is an infection under the fingernail last year june 2013 was the worst i almost lost part of my finger , most recent just happend August 2014 it wasnt too bad and ive been taking the medication prescribed i was working with one of my air tools and it aggrevated a diffrent finger on the same hand thats when i noticed i felt something moving inside my hand and now i remebered i saw the same thing last time but nobody believed me so now the thing is making the spiney numbness ive put petroleum jelly over thevareas i feel them and it seems to aggravate them i also broke open a capsule of wormwood and it doesnt like that and i even try covering it up with the concaulktion i still haven got them out the spiney hairs and numbness has rea)ly taking a toll on me its taking me alot longer to do things i used to do quick does anybody hav any idea what it is and how to get rid of them