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Picato - What kind of pain relief is being given by your doctors?

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jk13 6 Aug 2012

I have chronic pain. After trying a series of medications that I personally knew would not work, such as a few different nsaids in addition to an x-ray followed up by a cat scan, I was then given a one month supply of norco until I could see the neurosurgeon. After a month of waiting, I finally got my turn to see the doctor. He looked at the cat scans with me, and pointed out a couple problem areas, but nothing that would be causing the pain that I had been suffering.

The neurosurgeon didn't want to prescribe any medications, but wanted for me to see a doctor who specialized in joint problems. Turned out that the wait would be one month before I could see him!

I called my primary doctor, explained that I needed something so that I could function until I could see the doctor, so she reluctantly prescribed one more bottle of norco for me. When I did see the the long awaited doctor, he prescribed me cymbalta. With his use of the chemical name vs. the brand name, I had no idea as to what the medication was until later.

At the time I was taking the maximum dose of Pristiq, an almost identical drug. I called the doctor and explained the situation, and he told me not to take the prescribed medication. We then tried lyrica and tramadal, both with mild success. During this time, I was also put threw about 30 tests, going back multiple times for more blood to be drawn.

When my psychiatrist learned of all the various types of medications and tests that I was being put threw, I then learned that he also specialized in the treatment of pain. After putting me on methadone, the pain decreased significantly. We then increased the dose very slowly until the pain was around a three. I have since only had to go to my psychiatrist for all of my medications.

I would never have been put on something like methadone without first giving all of the less potent drugs a day in court along with the battery of tests. When it comes down to what will be given to you, I can just about guarantee it will be a very week drug, increasing the medication potency until the pain stops. This process took months in my case, but I do understand that doctors are forced to prove that all other options had been resorted before going onto more heavy duty pain killers.

I hope that this is of some help to you!

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