I have arthritis, reoccuring kidney stones, and chronic bronchitis. I took Tylenol 3 which helped but i recently went back to work and work 40-50 hours on my feel. The Tylenol wasn't helping so my Dr switched me to 7.5 Norco. Which helped but i didn't want to get to dependent so switched back to Tylenol but it didn't help. Called and told him they don't help and didn't hear back, few days later wound up in er passing a stone. Now he told me to bring back Tylenol which I have but not all of what I should, i have a big purse and a horrible habit of not closing lids and they spilled and are dissinagrated not all of them but some. Do the doctors open and count and check everyone? Should I just be honest? I tend to over think everything. My sister who is trouble said to put a similar pill and I'd rather deal with pain then jail so any advice??