IN Feb 2011, I had a week or so of ABNORMAL severe agitation, which then turned into some kind of illness that caused such suffering trying to work, I'll never be able to go through that again. 9 months later, it subsided a bit but I think moved into another area, my arms neck ribs etc all became so inflammed that I'm still seeking help. To my horrror, about a month ago I experienced another episode of HORRID agitation again, which was exactly like the one is 2011. I've never had this kind of agitation before then, or since, until recently. Again, it lasted about a week. I prayed it wasn't illness coming back, and I tried to have mindset that it was just a coincidence.
This is where I need any input I can get: Just like 2011, I'm now feeling physically horrible,and it's getting worse, but I cannot describe it. That is one big problem, I can't pinpoint what feels so sickly except horrible chest pain from inflammation I think? My arms/hands hurt and ice cold, I cannot stay awake,my arms feel really weak, my tongue has white film, I have sore on mouth. BY the time I saw a real doctor in 2011, I was so ill feeling, I was beside myself in misery. He did try to find cause, only finding I did have Ebstein Barr, inflammation, hormone imbalance, but he had no idea how bad things really were... he just couldn't get it. Please, does anyone have any possible idea what might be going on? I am 100% sure that abnormal severe agitation was the onset for both times. Now this sick feeling is worsening no matter what I do, which is cause for this desparate question. Thank you to all of you who take time to read this, I'm so scared this time I'm going to lose everything if I can't stop this from reaching the point it did last year.