... rushed. I watched Euflexxa video & I don't even remember if my dr wears gloves! First 2 shots on right knee weren't too painful but she gives them in same spot on inside of knee not outside like the video shows.Third shot right knee was so painful, I cried. The area got full & hard,and I was told you are supposed to have a massage after the shots to get the medication evenly distributed. I saw a masseuse in Drs office a week later. The pain was so excruciating. She massaged the knee, upper & lower leg to get the hardness, pain & swelling down.It still feels like something is stuck in kneecap.Dr said she'd give me cortisone to take down inflammation.Other day I had first shot in left knee & thought I'd die.I can tolerate a lot of pain, but this sent me in orbit. I nearly kicked her. She just puts a little bit of iodine on area. No anesthetic.She injects same spot inside of knee. I asked why she doesn't do different areas & she said bec there is too much bone & she might hit it or cartilage, but the video shows injection give on outside of knee. I have had only minimal relief in right knee and still need a cane to get up and down stairs. I don't think this dr is injecting correctly & certainly not numbing it. I am so livid she doesn't anesthetize the area! Any suggestions? I'm tired of her rushing this procedure. Seems like she just wants to see as many patients as possible. I even bruised from her trigger point injections. She is Stanford educated & in practice 30yrs. How should I address this with her? Can I do the rest of the shots with an orthopedist? Would they be better