I have been diagnosed with agoraphobia, panic and anxiety. Have this phobia for taking meds of any kind, leaving the house alone, driving and some foods and the list continues. It has been awful. Am seeing a therapist now for three weeks, because I have also been diagnosed with H pylori and need to take antibiotics for fourteen days along with an antacid. It has been so hard, I have been crying myself to sleep, praying night and day to have my life back. have been given Hydroxyzine for the panic to help in taking the meds, I spend hours looking over the side affects, scared it may cause something else serious to worry about. This illness is just down right hurtful! We need all the encouragement we can get, just wish I had a strong support system around me. My daughter goes through the panic as well as being bipolar with severe mood swings, so she sleeps a lot. I get so lonely and depressed sometime.