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Does phenylephrine. contain any psudephedrin in it?

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kaismama 21 Dec 2012

They are 2 distinct medications. Both are used for the same thing, but they aren't the same, or one contain any part of the other.

DzooBaby 21 Dec 2012

These medications are the ony two decongestants available by prescription or OTC. Anything that has a decongestant has one or the other. Pseudoephedrine has been made into a substance watched by the government because the tablets are a major ingredient in making methamphetamine or "crystal meth" To get pseudoephedrine, you must ask for it at the pharmacy counter, even liquid forms like NyQuil, and show your drivers license and they track and limit how much any one person can buy. Many OTC cold meds have changed their formulas to have phenylepherine instead of pseudoephedrine so they can stay out on the shelves where people can buy them without asking at the pharmacy counter. Any drug you buy off the shelf contains phenylepherine. Many OTC cold meds kept their old formulas with pseudoephedrine, like NyQuil and the original Sudafed, but you now have to purchase it at the pharmacy counter and the quantity you can buy is limited. Pseudoephedrine and phenylepherine are both decongestants but they are distinctly different drugs. Phenylepherine doesnt have any pseudoephedrine in it or vice versa. free discount card

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