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Phentermine - how long does adiphex stay in your system? or show in ur urine?

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23 Jul 2012

I would imagine 3 days up to a week depending on the test. If the doc then sends your urine sample to a lab, you will definitely test positive. To prevent any misunderstanding, simply show the doc your script bottle. Honesty is the best policy.
Good luck,
Sweet Hippie

23 Jul 2012

I understand that adipex (phentermine) can be widely abused for its stimulant qualities similar to amphetamines. Is this a concern for you? I only ask because the med has such great potential when used correctly and as it is prescribed. Are you not prescribed adipex but are taking it from some other source? Laura answered your question emphatically and correctly... I hope you are taking care of yourself because abuse of this med can cause you long-term harm and even possibly death...



23 Jul 2012

Hello doodle57. If tested you can prove positive for up to 10 days, possibly longer. Take only as directed and not longer for more than 3 weeks, as the drug will no longer be effective and you run the risk of possibly incurring serious side effects through long term use. Best of wishes to you, pledge.

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