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Phentermine - are there any diabetics taking adipex and if so how has it helped in weight loss?

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endlessPred 22 Feb 2013

Hello. It is always helpful to list your medications so that we can motive a complete answer.

brude 22 Feb 2013

Hello, im am been taking metformin, lantus, (which i went from 52 units 2x's daily, down to 30 units 2x's daily since ive been taking adipex) and i also use novalog (sliding scale) . I am a 40 year old female, whos sugars for along time were out of control. I hav managed to slowly but surely get my sugars under control, however i have gain 20 pounds from being on the insulin. Ive been taking adipex since 2/7/13, and havnt seen any weight loss results so i just need some encouragement or advice

endlessPred 22 Feb 2013

Brude., I have not used the weight loss med but have been dealing with type2 diabetes for eight years. I am allergic to the pills so I use novo log NPH and R to control sugars. Since I don't like the shots I worked on controlling my diet by talking to a dietician and then following their ideas of portion size and protein/fat/carbs ratio. Once I got the hang of it I have done really well. I have not had weight gain. And just use the NPH once in the morning for control. Rarely the R anymore.

Something to think about is to not use diet soda or diet foods without reading labels. Many contain aspartame which causes weight gain and spikes in blood sugars. It also creates a craving for sweets. The other artificial sweetners also create sweet cravings. A recent study has confirmed this. Just heard it in the news today. free discount card

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