I've been having trouble with pharmacies, but I'm dismayed that I'm getting wrong meds, etc from a pharmacy that I've been going to over 7 years.I get everything from them. They have my list of allergies and all meds. I'm even allergic to bandaids; I was when I was a kid too. Also-does anybody have more ideas of what a bill of rights should be. I was planning on going to the state pharmacy board, and the state board for the national pharmacy association next week, but I have surgery on Monday. Because of the expense that companies pay for processing credit and debit cards, I've paid cash for anything that cost under $10.
Does your pharmacy allow 4 drug counseling B4 buying the drug?
If not-can U give them the stuff U R scared of and U, your insurance, and medicare all get it's money back?
Does your HMO-insurance whatever have an emergency number to call?
I'm having trouble convincing the pharmacy that I don't need counseling for my Armour thyroid-I need counseling about how new meds affect my thyroid and interact with the Armour. I'm not getting that. Does your pharmacist seem knowledgeable about your meds?
How knowledgeable should a pharmacist be?
Do your pharmacists change the prescription without contacting you? That should be a duty-to contact me. I call them up about 10 days early so they have time to get my meds.
Do you think that a screaming argument with 3 staff members constitutes drug counseling? I really wish that I had one of those spy cameras with a recording when that happened. I took the med in when I saw my Dr. for the follow up. He said they lied to him--- I was so sick-my BP jumped from 90 to 192 -194 then when I saw my Dr. for follow up it already went down over 50 points.