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Can I ask the pharmacist to fill my Rx from a specific manufacturer?

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kaismama 26 Feb 2015

Sure you can ask. Whether he can meet your request is another story. Pharmacies get their meds from suppliers.Supplies only buy from the drug company that gives the best price. This means pharmacies are locked into one brand and that brand can even change month to month.

ressegart1 26 Feb 2015

Thank you kaismama. I ask because different manufacturers use some different additives in their products.

kaismama 26 Feb 2015

I know, but we are at the mercy of the greedy people who sell them. It doesn't really help to care who made your med because you're stuck with it unless your going to run to every pharmacy and ask what company they use. There is a thing called the placebo effect. If you believe something is the only one that works, it will do just that for you. . One thing you can do, if you do get a med that is obviously inferior is to report it to the FDA. They get enough complaints they'll investigate it. free discount card

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