I just had the craziest experience and I'm confused as to what happens next..

I had an abdominal Hysterectomy last week. I have been in so much pain but have followed my prescription directions to a tee. I was taking 2-7.5 Lortab every 4 hrs. I was first given 5-500mg but they weren't working so the doc prescribed me 7.5-500mg. I have taken 60 pills in the past week and drove through the pharmacy to ensure that I had another script in their system to refill over the weekend (it's Thursday and I said I'd need the meds on Saturday). I was trying to be proactive so I didn't have to call the doc this weekend and ask for a refill. The pharmacy (Rite Aid) went into crisis mode for some reason and called my doc telling him that I was trying to fill 90 pills within a week. First of all, this isn't true... I still have meds, I just wanted to make sure that I could refill me 5mg's over the weekend if needed and then the doctor cancelled the prescription and told me that it's imperitive that I stop with the meds ASAP... Uh? WTF? I just had a hysterectomy, my stomach has staples from hip to hip and I totally did not devour 90 pills or deviate from my scripts directions. So much for being proactive. I was told the FDA regulates the amount of meds a doc can prescribe and 90 was too many for a week. Is this true? Even after major surgery? I am hurt having the drug seeker stigma applied so carelessly and don't know what the hell I'm going to do about the pain this weekend:(