minutes if driving have to pull over take shoes off.This has progressed in severity last 6 months been off work going on 3 months cramps so bad have severe hip lower back pain right side can't stand in one spot with limited movement very long hurts to even have pants hang on hip but if I'm moving its tolerable.After numerous tests MRI bone/body scan they've come to conclusion I've had so many muscle cramps that developed knot that pinches nerve when standing still I'm taking 3600 mg calcium potassium h20 pills bad swelling legs feet iron pills Hand leg arm cramps aren't as severe Anybody have an suggestions as I work n factory stand 8 hrs .My Dr(oncologist) doesn't think its from pill. I'm about yo lose job an I'm reallybtired of moving around a lot Any ideas PLEASE!! I've been taking Gleevec little over 2yrs am in remission. Ty