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Should the other personality be suppressed? Or should it be accepted as a part of me?

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Sphona 8 Dec 2014

Don't surprise them. They are a part of who you are. They are there to help you manage your feelings about things that happened in the past. Try to keep a journal so you know more about them. If you can figure how what happened to you to create them then it will be easier to control the switches.

Mysicxz 9 Dec 2014

Hi thanks for replying. It's actually my friend who has DID but he hates the other persona.. And I want to know how to help him..

Shamay Groman 24 Dec 2014

I suffer from DID and I've learned through meditation and mental awareness exercises how to control and communicate with my persona. Keeping a journal is one way to communicate. It can read just as well as you can, as it is simply a part of you.

PinkPirana 5 Sep 2017

I completely disagree about the journal. You may be able to have your normal me keep a journal but you lack control over your other personalities. It sounds like you have multiple personsonality disorder in which case you can know and recognize your other personalities which is why Journaling is effective for you. And yes I am a doctor and a sufferer of mental illnesses, so am well aware of what I say. free discount card

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