I am a 52 yr old female diagnosed w/fibromyalgia in 2006,followed by positive ANA resulting in possible lupus (daughter diagnosed w/lupus in 1997,age 11).DR.along w/ labs show undifferentiated mixed connective tissue disease now seeing more signs of scleroderma.I see a PCP. rheumatologist, cardiologist,neurologist,eye specialist(taking plaquenil),dentist,&@1 1/2yrs ago an ortho-surgeon for a broken ankle& fibula.Now being referred to Pulmonary. Currently taking 15 meds. CHALLENGES include fibro.osteoarthritis,unspecified diffuse connective tissue disease,carpal tunnel syndrome-both hands,left bundle branch block,moderate pulmonary hypertension,high blood pressure,hypothyroid... it seems as if the list goes on and on. Some days I feel defeated,broken,it's all over and then I'll have a good day and say there is much life to be lived-my family still needs me (husband,3 adult children-ages 33,28,&26)and 1 grandchild,age 12.There are weddings,graduations,birthdays... Yet this illness can steal so much of your joy and as understanding,loving,and meaningful as friends and family may be-they just don't completely understand how this illness affects a person-mentally, physically,emotionally EXCEPT for my daughter who has battled SLE most of her life and has came close to losing the battle several times
AND please don't get me started about insurance and the financial burden.
It is a disgrace/embarrassment to live in the USA and feel like your worth as a human being is tied to your wealth and your health insurance. It seems to me that a country can only be as strong and healthy as it's people but the bottom line seems to be all about the almighty dollar. Are we selling off our country/our people to the highest bidder in the name of greed/profit. It doesn't seem to me that we as a country have learned/evolved much since recent events.Open our eyes,people. Open our hearts.We all must live,work,and play in this one world.We all are Human Beings not numbers and accounts.
Just had to let it out-thanks for listening/reading.
FireBrand in TEXAS.