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Can a person who doesn't have diabetes take Victoza?

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zen53 2 Feb 2017

I would not take any diabetic med if I weren't diabetic. If obese you may ask doctor about Saxenda or liraglutide which is similar to Victoza.

navymom2swg13 2 Feb 2017

Yes, It is also used for weight loss. At a large does. Saxdexa is Victoza. Just a large dose of it! Start out at a small dose and see how you tolerate it.

Teakatut 2 Mar 2017

Why would you even want to?

minddoc 15 Mar 2017

I have Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). I am not overweight nor do I have a diabetic A1C YET. Part of PCOD is high vulnerability to developing diabetes - I also have a parent with Type II diabetes and have seen the destruction of diabetes firsthand. I am aggressively trying to prevent diabetes and have been recommended Victoza. I have had a lot of trouble with nausea and lack of appetite and am still not up to the average dose - consequently, I have lost about 10 pounds. Unfortunately, my insurance has denied coverage, probably because I do not have a diagnosis of diabetes or obesity. I have had 2 second opinions and all agree that this is a reasonable option to try and fend off diabetes. Hoping that this is the right choice because it has been tough on me --

Mary1959 8 Jul 2017

Hi Rosiebarretthe answer to your question is yes Victoza can be used for other problems at the moment I'm being trialed on Victoza to help my hypothyroidism and my Endo is trying other patients too..I'm on it 6 weeks now and having good results as the eltroxin 150mgs was not helping me at all but now with using the Victoza and eltroxin I've more energy better sleep pattern less aches and pains and I've dropped one stone in weight as with hypothyroidism people have rapid weight gain that's virtually impossible to lose so hopefully this drug continues to work for me kind regards Mary H. free discount card

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