Can a person on cymbalta, 30 mg, (depression) lisinopril, 20 mg,(blood pressure) and atenolol, 25 mg,(migraine preventive) have dizziness? It was quite severe over last 2 days, to the point that all room is spinning around? Plus very often ringing in my years. I started to have all that only about 2 weeks ago.
Is those side effects emerged because of the diet I started last 20 days? I am on a MediFast diet (1300 cal a day, low carb, high protein). I need to lose 20 lb to help with BR and pre-diabetic condition as my doctor recommended.
I have been on cymbalta for 4 years (it helped) and lisinopril,10mg for 3 years. Last 2mo lisinopril was increased to 20. I did not have side effects all those years.