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Can a person use a Butrans 10mcg/hour while taking tramadol?

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Stephen Treloar 12 Dec 2016

It would depend if your doctor is about to cease prescribing Tramadol. The overlap period should not be more than two weeks before using the transdermal Buprenorphine exclusively.

The issue is that one is a full opiate agonist; Tramadol (binds to all the right opiate receptors in your brain) while Butrans (Buprenorphine) is a combination opiate agonist (stimulates the receptors) and antagonist (blocks opiate receptors). If this combination is not properly managed you will end up with precipitated withdrawal symptoms.

taapiggie 6 Jan 2017

Probably not! I read the package insert ( for once) and it said not to take if you are on alprazolam for anxiety well I am on alprazolam Dr. Said it was fine as along as I took Butrans 2 hours apart from the alprazolam. Wrong I almost died I flat response is never take anything if you believe it doesn't sound right. Hope this helped

furbygender 15 Jan 2017

No! It can cause a major drug interaction and I was told by my pain specialist that you shouldn't take the Butrans patch until at least after 24 hours of using Tramadol. Taking Butrans and Tramadol together can cause major breathing issues and even death. free discount card

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