I was originally on 10mg of lexapro for anxiety, the dosage began to work after 1 week. After the initial week the change was literaly instant, the dosage hit me like a freight train, 15 minutes after consumption (empty belly, no breakfast) i started to feel slight depersonalization, minor loss of balance, and the complete loss of anxiety. I couldn't worry, i tried to worry, it was impossible. This didnt last, and the side effects wore off in a matter of hours, and what followed was a month of pure tranquility with very minor pumps of anxiety. The next month (june) i missed my appointment with my psychiatrist and thus I no longer had my prescription, the anxiety slowly but surely returned. I rescheduled with my psychiatrist for the end of June. I asked him if he could up my dose to 20mg as i still had minor lapses of anxiety during the month of use. Now I am here. It's been about 2 weeks now, i take it every morning. I still feel anxious, last monday i even got a panic attack after reading some news article, which now that i remember was about some very minor incident that will never affect me. I also have minor bouts with depression and a general feeling of failure and worthlessness, somthing i haven't felt in a year since starting counseling. Before I was able to have random conversations with strangers and i even made new friends. Now I just lay all day in my bed scared out of my mind during the weekend, and scared out of my mind during school on the week days. What do you guys make out of all this, what should I do?