I need a good pain dr. I have been on all of the usual drugs neuroton, lyrica, topamax, cymbalta, so on and so on. I need someone who understands these drugs do not work and I don't have any quality of life to speak of. I was on a small dose of Methadone a year ago but got off because my prescribing dr was not attending some rehabilation classes. So he was off to prison. in a desspperation not knowing where to go or what to do I went to a suboxone dr. I have regreated ever since. Can anyone help me. My sub dr says he would switch me back to Methadone in a NY minute but it would be against the law since I came to him to get off. I have never failed 1 drug test. I am not an addict just didn't like what I felt like without 10 mg of methadone 4 x daily. I had flew like symptoms so I guess my body was addicted my mind just was not. HELP. Does anyone know of good pain management dr who is kind and caring in the Memphis Area. I can't live another day like this. Thank you for your help. They can check with all the local pharmacies and see I haven't been prescribed that much pain medication since living here. 7 years total.