... post. I acquired this horrendous condition a couple months ago. At first my feet were just cold, my significant other likes to keep the house cool, so I just wore socks all the time. It seemed to transform in a very short time to numbness/pain. I went to my (new) doctor (my long-term doctor retired!), and he prescribed gabapentin. I took it for 9 days, having read the literature on this drug, I was afraid of side effects. I missed one; pancreatitis. I had been hospitalized twice before; I should have noticed that (SO SHOULD MY DOCTOR). I ended up in the ER with another bout of pancreatitis, 4 days inpatient. When I recovered enough from that to go home, I called my doctor and he told me to UP my dosage of gabapentin! Ugh! I am in despair most of the time, I live in a small town, and if I try to find another doctor, it will look like 'drug seeking behavior'. So, can anyone give me some advice, please?