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Peripheral Neuropathy - has anyone tried capsacian cream?

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MacIntosh12 28 Oct 2012

Hi wife#2, I've tried it, with no effect, yet others just swear by it. I know how frightening tis when you are already hurting, the feeling of being stung by bees or jabbed with needles, adding cream made from hot peppers... scary indeed! But chose a small area of your skin to try it out on, and don't forget to wash those hands! (you don't want to get that cream in your eyes)
Best wishes,

Inactive 28 Oct 2012

Great answer Mac. I also have tried it & it didn't help me either. Another one that many doctors are using now is BioFreeze. I have also tried it with nit much success. I find using either heat or ice as a better alternative. I usually live on a heating pad...

kaismama 28 Oct 2012

I use things like aspercreme. I tried capsaicin and I don't know if it helped my original pain, because the burning on my skin was unbearable.

wife#2 28 Oct 2012

Thanks Mac-Do appreciate your answer. I did consider trying it but you are sooooo right on-why add burning to burning???
Best to you

MacIntosh12 29 Oct 2012

Thanks gang. Wife#2, you might want to try it, there are others on this site (who have neglected to answer, durrrrrrrr) that swear by Capsaisin Cream.
I hope you feel better, neuropathy is (in this girl's opinion) one of the worst types of pain, ever!
I recently tried accupuncture, and went almost an entire day without pain! First time in about 14 years. I recommend it if you have the means.
Good luck wife#2

MacIntosh12 29 Oct 2012

Thank you, Mary.

Inactive 29 Oct 2012

Mac, how is your pain since it's been a bit since your accupunture? Was wondering about it, & if it is still helping, & how long they suggested you go between treatments. I have considered this, but so costly. About anything would be worth a try... Mary

wife#2 29 Oct 2012

Hi Mac-I have tried acupuncture and it took about 4 visits to find the right spots. After that I was feeling better but not totally pain free. After about a month I had to discontinue treatment-too expensive! Back to square one and more pain. This sure is a rotton disease!
Best, Wife#2 free discount card

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