I have been told I have PAD. My ABI was pretty terrible. I have stopped smoking and I am walking 30 minutes a day on machine and taking cilostazol. the distance and time I can walk is 10 times what it was - however when taking the medicine my resting pulse has increased from a normal of 65bpm to 90+. This is with cutting the dose from 100mg twice a day to 50mg twice a day.

So - I have a high pulse which is uncomfortable but have seen great improvements - and when walking the location of the pain in my calf has changed. My whole calf muscle cramped but after 3 weeks of walking and meds the cramp is now only on the bottom of the muscle and now my foot goes numb when exercising.

1 - Is the heart rate problem due only to meds or is my concern about heart the problem

2 - the movement of pain and new numbness has me concerned that the blockage in my leg artery is moving - which really concerns me.

3 - cardiologists is so busy and nurse hard to contact - should I see my GP or request an appointment with cardiologist or all is fine?

I have also caught a pretty bad cold that just will not go away. I am a male, if a female I would be concerned about heart attack --

I have never used one of these places so appreciate your help. I am afraid of being just paranoid versus real concern