I'm 21 years old and have been taking the generic of Loestrin24 for about 8 months now. My doctor put me on the brand name Loestrin24 last year in July but then Walgreens started giving me the generic in January of this year.
Well around January 1st, I had taken the plan b pill. We didn't use back up protection and I was on the first 7 days of my pack.
Ever since then, my periods haven't been the same.
They've been light, a couple heavy and now I don't get one. I only get bad cramping during my placebo pills.
I went to the doctor in May to do testing for pregnancy and talked to her about it and she said that the pill could take a year to get out of my body. And I was overly emotional because of all the hormone I put into my body.
My fiancé is currently deployed so pregnancy is still out of the question.
Is this normal to not have my period anymore? Could this be a disorder like PCOS? I'm just scared that I've messed up my fertility by trying to not have a baby now.
Judge me if you want but I just want an answer to ease my mind.