... During my pregnancy I had bad pregnancy gingivitis. I visited my dentist and she told me it often clears up after pregnancy. The bleeding did stop. But I noticed my teeth looking different. One in particular, a lateral incisor looked huge, and it shifted and now protrudes out. I visited another dentist who told me I need a root planing and scaling and to see a periodontist because I have size 8 pockets.

I was shocked. I thought I had a pretty good oral routine. I brushed, I flossed, I often swished with Listerine. I didn't understand. I went to the perio yesterday. He said I even have 9mm pockets. He said it was likely aggressive genetic periodontist because he could tell from my teeth that I had good oral hygiene.

His treatment plan: root scaling, he discussed LANAP, and pulling all 4 of my wisdom teeth. This would all be done in one visit. The thought of this terrifies me.

But, that's not all. Orthodontal work is next as I have overcrowding. He said that can prevent me from cleaning properly. After that (which could take over a year) we would start talking about gum grafting. Which I'm also terrified of.

Someone please talk to me. I'm so scared, and I feel like it doesn't matter what I do, my gums are bad. I know it is vain, but having to keep this one big tooth for more than a year embarrasses me more than anything. I was never ashamed of my smile, and I am now. It sticks out so much, my smile looks vastly different from even last year. I'm terrified of all of the surgeries. I've never had a tooth pulled let alone 4 at once