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Periodic Limb Movement Disorder - Has anyone had success stopping movement while on klonoPIN?

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PurpleButterfies 23 Sep 2012

Hi. Are you referring to Restless Leg Syndrome, that kind of thing? I have tremors and klonopin does seem to help calm this down... I don't know about periodic limb disorder though... hope you find the help you need.

SandraLHoutz 6 Oct 2012

PLMD is different from RLS ... RLS is generally painful and needs a different med ... this is from what my sleep study/doc told me ... I showed terribly excessive PLMD during the study but little amounts of RLS ... so I was started on Requip but developed an allergy to it ... and was given Klonopin 1 mg to go with it ... but I am able to take the Klonopin ... and I take 1 mg about 9 pm and then take 30 mg. of Restoril (for my insomnia) at 10 pm and then to bed about 11 pm ... but now my sleep doc said I shouldn't be taking those two meds together ... she said I should take one or the other ... problem is, I don't know really which is making the difference in my sleep amount ... she wanted to increase one or the other ... it's so hard that now that I finally got my sleep back after many years and tons of meds, the doc says I shouldn't take these two together ... but I have not had any problems other than I get to sleep fast and generally stay asleep until about 7 am which is normal wake up time for me ... I know that Klonopin is one of the first meds they like to try for PLMD ... did you have a sleep study done? free discount card

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