ive been on birth control for more than a year now to regulate my period. At least that's what my doctor said..he thinks it's gonna help my body get into the habbit of having periods every month. After my first 6 packs of birth control I stopped for a month to see if I'll get my period that month but I didn't. So I went back for the pills again. I also get severe acne in the T-zone especially my forehead and the pills gets rid of the acne. I've heard that once I stop taking the pills my menstrual cycle will go back to however it was before. So birth control is only a temporary solution to my problems? (acne and having periods once a year) Another doctor said that if I continue to have periods once a year i won't be able to get pregnant when I'm older, since it's not actually a real period. It's just like an annual clean out of my vagina. She also told me to get an ultra sound to see if I have something like a tumor (but not actually a tumor, it won't hurt me) in my body that's stopping me from having periods. I haven't got the ultra sound done because another doctor said it's not possible for me to have the tumor like things since I don't have facial hair or have a deep voice. I'm 5'5 and about 110 pounds. I was always under weight until I started the pills..if any of these information help. I just wanna know what's wrong with me and is there a way to solve these problems eternally.