Hi, I'me 19 year old girl who got a DVT Feb. 8th. I was started on Xarelto and I'm going to be on it for another 2 weeks. On March 2nd I got my period, which I had been on birth control suppression for migraines so it was my first period in about a year. I had heavy bleeding for the first week, then it almost went away and then came back and today I'm on day 19 of this period without it stopping. In the past day I've been having clots on my tampon and pads, I was wondering if this was normal for the end of periods on blood thinners. I don't think that I'm anemic but I was going to call my doctor and ask tomorrow. I'm just tired of being on my period for so long and hoping that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Any experience with this would be appreciated, I just want to know what other people have experienced!