I started taking Aubra in early November. Before I took the pill I would rarely get my period at all (maybe once or twice a year). Since I've started taking Aubra my period has practically been non-stop. At first I figured it was my body getting use to it. I read on the pamphlet included in the packs that it could take 1-3 packs before my body was use to the pill. Only a few pills after I started my first pack I started having my period and it continued throughout that whole pack. It stopped for a week when I started my second pack but started again during my active pills on my second pack. My period was ending once I got to my placebos on this pack but I decided to continue taking them as normal to try and avoid confusing my body more. I've taken 2 but am wondering if it would be okay to skip them now and start a new pack as my period has only gotten heavier since taking them. Should I stop taking the pills or should I wait out the 3rd month to see if it stops?