I had my mirena installed in December 2014. The Dr put me under to install it because I had 3 c-sections and it was very painful the first 2 times we tried to get it installed. The reason why I wanted the mirena was to slow down my very heavy bleeding during my periods which cause me to become anemic and ended up with a blood transfusion. As of December after the mirena installation I had no spotting or no cramps, In January I had a very light period which I only had to use a panty liner which was very odd for me, I always had to double protect myself with super tampon and thick pad, In February I had another light period for 4 days then spotted for 5 days after. Now my period was due February 24th and I spotted that one day only then it went off. I have no cramping, no pain, no pms. No bloating, no breast engorgement... does this mean I have stopped my period... Cause what I was told that the mirena will slow down my cycle then it will stop... but I just think it's kinda too soon..it's only been since December 2014 that I got the mirena installed... has anyone gone thru this issue or am I one of the lucky ones?!