My nexplanon was inserted September of 2015 and right after I had about a two month long period, a week of no bleeding, and from then on it's been one week of no bleeding then anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks of bleeding. I started this current cycle May 19th (today is June 24) and its constant and heavy. My doctor tried putting me on pills as well, and no change. Then she just told me to take tons of ibuprofen a day, and I'm miserable.

My boyfriend and I are very sexually active and I can't even seem to get turned on anymore, so nieher can he. The blood is off putting, sure, but the issue is that I'm not "wet" from discharge. It's just slippery and gross.

I HATE waking up every morning knowing my day is going to be riddled with bathroom breaks and cramps. It's interfering with my job, personal life, and recreational activities-- I don't even hike anymore for fear of bleeding through.

Does anyone have any suggestions that I can ask my doctor about? I'm weary to get it taken out; I have been on pills before but I was bad at missing days, and I don't trust the patch. Or at least suggestions on how to slow it down it help the cramps? Thanks