I started taking Cheratussin 2 weeks ago for a cough I've had for a few weeks, and at the same time I started spotting. I've only used it periodically but the last several nights my cough was extremely bad so I've taken it every night to help me sleep(although last night it had no effect on my cough at all :-/). Well yesterday morning the spotting had seemingly stopped and I was fine all day, then last night I started a full blown period. I was on Loestrin 24 fe then switched to Minastrin after loestrin 24 fe was discontinued a few months ago. In my opinion the minastrin doesn't seem to be as effective as the loestrin was even though they are supposedly the same thing.(I've had more spotting and break-through bleeding than normal since switching). This is beyond frustrating. Could the cheratussin or the cough itself cause my period to start? Or is it a problem with the Minastrin?