My last period ended on April 13. I had unprotected sex on April 19, he didn't cum inside of me but to be safe in case of precum, we got Plan B the next day. That same day, April 20 we had unprotected sex again (I know it was stupid), he didn't cum inside but I got Plan B again the next day. I didn't experience any of the common symptoms for a week. I received my first package of birth control but haven't taken it because I was told to wait until my next period was over. Yesterday (April 27) I started bleeding in the morning. It started very, very dark, like brownish and not heavy at all. Throughout the day it got heavier. Not crazy heavy but about the same amount as my normal periods. Today the blood has changed, it's not dark and instead is the usual hue of red. Could this be my period or is it just spotting because of the Plan B, or is it even possible it's implantation bleeding?? The only reason I ask is because I don't know if I should start the birth control pills when this bleeding ends or wait?